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Cincinnati Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

My Neurofeedback system is one that allows the brain to get a glimpse of its own activity and if there are areas of turbulence or underactive areas, the system will retrain that area of the brain improving neuroplasticity. This method helps those who eat for emotional reason’s reducing the brains input into the emotional need, allowing better control with eating. Neurofeedback helps improve sleep, decrease anxiety and depression, better manage ADD/ADHD, reduce the effects from chemo-brain and minimize symptoms of PTSD….to name a few. With a few leads on the ears and scalp, the session is 35 min of listening to specially designed ethereal music. It is encouraged that one fall asleep during the session as the conscious brain is “off-line” therefore allowing the brain to tend those areas of the brain that need “mopping up.” Many mention that sleep and anxiety begin regulating within 2-3 sessions, while those with ADD/ADHD may notice changes by the sixth session. Bio-individuality applies here and change is dependent upon each unique person and severity of symptoms.