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Program & Services

Utilizing functional medicine, I will listen to your unique history and look at how the interaction of your nutrition, environment, and lifestyle factors such are influencing your health. We will discuss “Primary Foods”- career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality as well as “Secondary Foods”: What you put in your mouth. Over a six month period we will meet twice a month with email correspondence between. This can be done in person or over the phone…so distance is not an issue.


Through comprehensive health counseling, you will learn about:

  • Mind-Body Awareness
  • Your Body is Your Guide
  • Healthy Meals
  • Healing With Proper Food Choices
  • The Way to Intuitive Eating

We will figure out your “why” and the root causes of your health concerns together. Our common goal will be to restore your body to its natural balance and regain the vitality and health that you desire. Bringing balance is essential, because no matter how healthy you eat, you cannot achieve TRUE HEALTH without working through all the key components that are affecting your health. Are you truly happy in all aspects of your life. If not, why not start implementing some change now? Sign up for a free consultation to ask questions, or simply send me an email to get started. It’s time you put Health in Your Hands.